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About our Foundation

Mission Statement

To create positive family experiences for a family who has an adult family member going through active Cancer treatments.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The physical structure of our logo is a combination of 2 things.  It combines the “J” in Jennifer’s signature and the outline of a butterfly our daughter had drawn.  However, there is a much deeper meaning to the logo.

During our stays in the hospital, it felt like when I really needed it, I noticed a butterfly drawn on the white board beside the hospital bed.  I didn’t understand why or how it got there.  I do know it made me happy to see.  After Jennifer’s passing I discovered the story behind the butterfly. 

When you look at a butterfly you notice the beautiful colors in its wings.  It brightens up your day and just makes you smile by its beauty.  As you admire the wonderful colors the butterfly is not aware of its beauty because it cannot turn its head to see. 

When you go through Cancer treatments you not only have emotional but sometimes physical changes.  Jennifer had her share of emotional challenges and also physical changes.  She had gone through a double mastectomy and while taking chemo, experienced hair loss.  These changes can cause many emotional moments. 

Our daughter remembers Jennifer getting upset on one occasion.  She was upset her looks had changed.  At this point Jennifer was struggling with the physical changes her body had gone through.  Despite the changes in her appearance, we all felt Jennifer was very beautiful.  Even with the physical changes, Jennifer was just as beautiful if not even more than before.  In that moment Alyssa compare her mom to a butterfly.  She seen the beauty in her mom, when her mom couldn’t.

I imagine moments like this happens often for Cancer patients.  This is why we have chosen the butterfly as a logo.  Each Cancer patience is still beautiful even when they themselves are unable to see it.  Our logo not only represents Jennifer, but all who struggle with Cancer.

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Our Board Members

Board MemberPosition
Gary CutlerCo-founder/CEO
Alyssa CutlerCo-founder / Board Member
Nikita WellsBoard Member
Greg ButtonBoard Member
Ruth BlackmoreBoard Member
Hilary WalbourneBoard Member
Lynn Ann KavanaghBoard Member
Christine BlackwoodBoard Member
Jackie DonahueBoard Member
Paul SnowBoard Member


Our foundation is important to us, and since you're here today, we believe you feel the same. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.  If you'd like  to make a donation, please know it is truly appreciated. Any donation you make today will be used to bring a little joy to cancer patients and their families.