Terms and Conditions

 Jennifer A. Cutler Foundation – Terms & Conditions

The Jennifer A. Cutler Foundation (the “Foundation”) selectively provides the opportunity to a parent undergoing cancer treatment (the “Applicant”) and his or her immediate family to travel to Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida for a family vacation (the “Opportunity”).  His or her family includes a spouse, partner, or other accompanying adults (the “Accompanying Adult”). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before applying to be selected for an Opportunity. These terms and conditions apply to the Applicant and the individuals who will be traveling with the Applicant during the Opportunity.

1. The Foundation will make the travel arrangements and cover travel expenses for the Applicant and members of his or her immediate family. Travel expenses include flights, airport transfers, hotel expenses, meals, resort fees, and travel insurance. Additional funds for “spending money” are not an included travel expense. Expenditures for the trip to Walt Disney World will be limited to $13,000 inclusive.

2. All travel during the Opportunity shall be arranged through the Foundation’s appointed travel agents. The Applicant shall not make his or her own travel arrangements related to the Opportunity.

3. The Foundation will not provide or arrange for travel medical insurance for the Applicant. Travel medical insurance for the Applicant will be the Applicant’s responsibility during the Opportunity.

4. The Foundation will not be responsible for any theft, personal injury, property damage, medical emergency, medical expense, death, or any other loss experienced by the Applicant or a member of the Applicant’s family during or related to the Opportunity. The Applicant and/or the Accompanying Adult will be responsible for any damage fees or extra charges with respect to the hotel facilities or any other penalties.

5. Individuals who accompany the Applicant during the Opportunity will be restricted to immediate family members; namely the spouse or partner of the Applicant and the Applicant’s children. If the Applicant has no spouse or partner, he or she shall be accompanied by another adult of his or her choosing.

6. The Applicant must be between the ages of 20 and 65 and be a resident of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

7. The Applicant must be receiving treatment for life-threatening cancer.

8. Personal information is collected by the Foundation as part of this Application. If the Applicant or the Accompanying Adult has any questions about the collection of personal information, he or she shall contact the Jennifer A Cutler Foundation at jenniferacfoundation@gmail.com

9. Please note that it is the Applicant’s responsibility, in consultation with his or her medical care team, to decide whether taking advantage of the Opportunity is in the best interest of the Applicant and his or her family.

10. As part of the Applicant’s application, the Foundation may contact the Applicant’s medical care team to discuss the details of his or her medical condition.

11. The Applicant agrees to keep the Foundation advised of any change in his or her medical condition or family situation which may have a material impact on his or her ability to travel.

12. The Foundation shall only use the Applicant’s and/or the Accompanying Adult’s name and image for promotional material should it receive the Applicant’s and/or Accompanying Adult’s express and explicit consent.

13. The Foundation may contact the Applicant or Accompanying Adult by telephone, post, or email after the Opportunity to keep him/her informed of its work. The Applicant or Accompanying Adult may opt out of future contact at any time.

14. The Foundation strives to fulfill the request of every eligible applicant; however, the number of opportunities it is able to provide at any time is limited. Therefore, eligibility does not guarantee that the Foundation will be able to arrange an Opportunity for every eligible applicant.

15. Applicant and accompanying members must have a passport in good standing.


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