The Freeman Family

The Freeman Family – 2018

The Freeman Family in Walt Disney World

There are 3 basic needs in life; love, feeling needed and having something to look forward to. In September 2018, representatives from the Jennifer A. Cutler Foundation had the opportunity to meet a wonderful family from Port Rexton, Newfoundland and Labrador. If you have had the opportunity to meet this family, it is very obvious they have the first 2 basic needs covered.

In May 2018, the Freeman family started their journey with cancer. A mom of 3, facing some very difficult circumstances, just wanted to be “Mom”. Mrs. Freeman approached her cancer with a positive attitude and determined to be successful in her battle against this decease. A quote from one of their t-shirts, “In this family no one fights alone”, says a lot about this family and how much they support each other. They are truly very inspirational and show the importance of family in a battle against cancer.

The Jennifer A Cutler Foundation joined Mrs. Freeman and her family to help in her fight by giving them something to look forward to. The Freeman family was selected by the Jennifer A Cutler Foundation to be the first family to receive the All Inclusive trip to Disney World, Orlando, Florida under the Just Believe Campaign.

It as been an honor and privilege to meet the Freeman family and become part of their journey. We are inspired by her family and wish Mrs. Freeman much success in her journey. Mrs. Freeman’s T-shirt ,“We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have”, shows how strong this wonderful mom really is.


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