The goal of the Jennifer A. Cutler Foundation is to help families going through active cancer treatments. Our focus is not only on the cancer patient themselves, but also their entire family.

The Jennifer A. Cutler Foundation

Just Believe Campaign

The Just Believe Campaign is the Foundation's first initiative. The campaign  is raising money to give a family the opportunity to experience positive family moments with an all-inclusive trip to Walt Disney World, Florida.

Some of the most memorable times in my life is when I had the pleasure of traveling with my family. Our travels have taken us to some amazing places and allowed us to meet some special people. Traveling to us had a special meaning. It not only allowed us to see different things but also escape, for just a short time, from our reality.

In 2011 my wife, Jennifer, was diagnosed with Cancer. Jennifer’s courage and strength not only helped her rise above all the negativity, but inspired those around her. During her journey Jennifer fought many battles. She never gave up hope and always looked on the positive side. We felt each day was a blessing and each moment was to be appreciated.

Our children and I have shared many beautiful moments with Jennifer, which will stay with us forever. It is because of these memories and Jennifer’s continued inspiration within us we have started the Jennifer A Cutler Foundation.

I am truly thankful to have family and friends who without hesitation helped make our foundation a reality. This foundation is created in the memory of my wife, my great love, my hero, in hopes that we can help other families create such magical memories that we have.

Jennifer and Alyssa Cutler

The moment which defined Jennifer’s courage, strength and extreme positive attitude was August 25th, 2011.  This was the day our journey with Cancer began.

Creating Magic for Families

In January 2020, when the magic kingdom gates opened, the Matthews family began their magical all-exclusive trip to Walt Disney World. For one week they got to explore all four Disney parks, meeting characters, and going on every ride they could.

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There are 3 basic needs in life; love, feeling needed and having something to look forward to. If you have had the opportunity to meet this family, it is very obvious they have the first 2 basic needs covered. The Jennifer A Cutler Foundation joined Mrs. Freeman and her family to help in her fight by giving them something to look forward to.

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Our foundation is important to us, and since you're here today, we believe you feel the same. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.  If you'd like  to make a donation, please know it is truly appreciated. Any donation you make today will be used to bring a little joy to cancer patients and their families.